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Thorough Estate Law Counsel For Planning And Probate

When considering the future, personal matters can mix with practical financial matters. A balanced solution should mirror your unique life, family and values.

At the Law Office of Kristina C. Udall, PLLC, you can gain insightful advice from an experienced Seattle lawyer. Kristina provides vigilant estate planning, probate and estate tax law counsel. She has deep experience with complex assets, family situations and legal complications.

Prepare For The Future With Tax-Aware Strategies

Kristina learns about each client to match them with the most suitable estate planning methods, including:

  • Will creation
  • Trust formation, such as generation-skipping trusts and life insurance trusts
  • Lifetime asset transfers and charitable giving
  • Development of health care directives and powers of attorney

Tax planning is a key step in protecting against value loss between generations – as well as during your lifetime. Some estate planning options could achieve your specific objectives while reducing the overall tax burden at the same time. However, tax law is complex and ever-changing. Gift and estate taxes depend on many factors, which will be custom to your specific circumstances.

Kristina emphasizes personalized strategies during the estate planning process. By examining her clients’ portfolios and future financial needs, she has helped retain the maximum value of each estate for her clients and their loved ones. She also helps update these plans so that they grow with her clients’ lives.

A Trustworthy Guide In Probate

Probate and estate administration are intricate legal processes by default. In addition, trustees, personal representatives, creditors and beneficiaries may encounter disputes along the way. These disputes can further complicate the situation.

Kristina meticulously advises fiduciaries. She also acts in a fiduciary role in some cases. Her extensive knowledge of probate law, taxes and complex estate issues shapes her approach.

She can assist with preparing creditors’ claims, filing the estate’s tax returns and fulfilling other responsibilities. When a conflict arises, she seeks efficient resolutions through Washington’s Trust and Estate Dispute Resolution Act.

Contact A Skilled Estate Law Attorney

Primarily serving in King County, Kristina has earned a reputation for advantageous estate planning and administration strategies. Call 206-508-1099 or send a message to the Law Office of Kristina C. Udall, PLLC, for responsive service.